How do I implement remarketing?

If you have ever went to a site, left the site to go to another site and saw an advertisement for the site you just left – you’ve experienced remarketing. Here is a visual representation of display remarketing.

Source: Wordstream

I can’t say enough about display remarketing on keeping your brand/business top of mind when the consumer is in the buying funnel. They could go to competitor sties, but they keep seeing your ad to remind them of our great your company is. So how do you implement this?

The best way and least expensive way to do this is through Google AdWords. But you can also do remarketing on Facebook and Instagram (I know for the fitness people those platforms are important).

Step one: Create a remarketing tag in the platform you want to use.

Step two: Create your audiences based on your buying cycle. Audiences can be people that visited in the last 3 days but did not purchase or people that have bought in the last 90 days but have yet to return to the site in 60 days.

Step three: Create your ad. Whatever platform you are using, there are different specs for each ad. Make sure you know the specs before you create the ad. Having to go back and re-edit is a pain!

Step four: Create your campaign with the ad and target the right audience.

If you need help with remarketing – I’d be more than happy to help you out. Fill out the form below!

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